Welcome to UiPath Foundation!

We’re excited to share with you our story of hope, resilience and courage from the communities we’ve been part of since 2019.

We, at UiPath Foundation, are driven by the global mission to ensure that all children have equal access to the future, regardless of their social background. We envision a world where children own the path to their future, with all the educational resources and an ecosystem of support to ensure their potential is not trapped by poverty.

Since we started our journey as a global non-profit organization in January 2019, we have reached more than 25,000 children across Romania and India.

These are the stories behind the numbers. Stories of courage, potential and hope, stories grounded in understanding and nurturing, the evidence that even with the challenges of this past year, underprivileged children from Romania and India have untapped, endless educational potential.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in the stories of the children and families in our programs, our strategic partners, volunteers, our team, and our supporters. These stories of grit and courage inspire us at UiPath Foundation, giving our team the energy and motivation to continue our mission dedicated to underprivileged children.

2020 was an important milestone in our journey, a year of continuous adaptation to increasing challenges. But it was also a year of hope. Dedicated to developing digital literacy competencies for children and teachers from vulnerable communities, our programs provided connectivity and infrastructure for online education, with empathy and attention to our children’s individual educational needs.

None of this would not have been possible without the involvement and generosity of our founder, our board members and our donors, who support us and believe in our vision. They, together with our partners, mentors, and volunteers believe in the limitless potential of children as evidenced by their involvement and devotion to our program. Finally, this tremendous effort could not have happened without the foundation’s team, nine people with a shared vision—to meaningfully shift the educational path for underprivileged children around the world. My deepest gratitude for everyone’s courage and involvement!

I’m excited to continue on this journey of creating a world where children believe in their own potential and thrive. We invite you to join us on this journey!

Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

Executive director UiPath Foundation