Raluca Negulescu-Balaci

"Our concern was to create the best educational context for the children we work with, and I think we have been able, with empathy and balance, to help them continue their activities, despite the obstacles" says Raluca, our executive director. "The fact that we managed to be close to the children, while we were all stuck between four walls, to remain so connected, I think it's very valuable." Raluca looks at 2020 as a great act of generosity, in which more than 500 people from the UiPath team got involved and contributed to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund with almost $1 million, that enabled our contributions towards causes both in Romania and in India, a country where, according to colleagues from there, people were more afraid of dying of starvation than because of the virus. In Romania, we also supported the medical professionals at the beginning of the pandemic, having distributed 2.5 tons of equipment to 55 hospitals across the country. One of the quick reactions was also sending packages of hygiene products to all the families of the children in our programs. "We focused on children from rural areas as it was pretty difficult to tell them wash their hands when they didn't have running water in their households." 

"2020 was about adaptability and resilience," says Raluca, "and you can't have one without the other."

The pandemic has brought and continues to bring challenges and multiple uncertainties, and the words of the last year have been, for us too, in the UiPath Foundation team: adaptation and solidarity.  From the very beginning, we preferred to quickly find effective solutions, adapted to the new situation, with the care not to alter in any way the objective of our educational programs dedicated to children from vulnerable communities.