Early Education Forward Program

About the program:

Early Education Forward aims to ensure access to quality early education for preschoolers in vulnerable communities, by reducing the educational gap they risk facing when entering school and also the risk of school dropout. At the same time, through this program we provide pre-school teachers with access to training, support, and opportunities so they can easily adapt to current educational requirements and we contribute to equipping school spaces with quality educational resources.  

What we do with our partners:

Together with OvidiuRo Association, our strategic partner in the program, we have brought the project "Every child deserves a story"  in the communities in Galați, Vaslui, Botoşani counties and Bucharest where we intervene. The aim of the program is to improve the language skills of pre-school children through reading and access to appropriate resources. Thus, through the "First Book" project, children have access to books suitable for their age, they can take them home and share them with their families and in the KinderLibraries, specially arranged in their classrooms, they have the opportunity to read a selection of books of very good quality,  appropriate to their age and related to the curriculum.

The results we achieved in 2020 are:

635 educators from Galați, Vaslui and Botoşani counties participated in training courses;

9,000 books were distributed to children and educators in the three counties; 

35 KinderLibraries were sent to educators;

51 activities were carried out under the summer program for educators;

15 training sessions for educators were organized online. 

About the strategic partnership with OvidiuRo Association

OvidiuRo Association, whose mission is to make early education accessible and efficient for all children in Romania, especially to those from vulnerable groups, celebrates 20 years of grassroots activity.  We are partners in their main project "Every child deserves a story", the purpose of which is for all children to be ready to learn reading when they enter primary school.

OvidiuRo Association managed to grow the network of teachers and social workers, school mediators, and many other volunteers. "They came to the training and went to poor communities that they knew from other projects and, punctually, they were part of our network and here I think it was an opportunity," the two representatives say. 

Maria and Oana can't wait to get back in the field, to see what's left after everything that's happened.

"It was also a year of forced growth, a situation for which none of us was prepared," says Maria Gheorghiu, executive director and co-founder OvidiuRo Association and Oana Stănescu, communications director OvidiuRo Association.

The "only real challenge" of 2020 was the impossibility to make field trips as much as they would have liked, in their communities of intervention, Oana tells us. 

"But we saw this as an opportunity," Maria adds, and the context has allowed them to understand that their team didn't have to be in all the villages and kindergartens in Romania. "It forced us to have a little more trust in the people there, because they were also forced to build partnerships,." If before they used to go on their own, the context forced everyone to work together.

Maria Gheorghiu, executive director and co-founder OvidiuRo Association and Oana Stănescu, communications director OvidiuRo Association