For 30 children living in Cluj-Napoca and in the vicinity of the city, a normal life means sharing a room or two with several siblings, having domestic wood heating or no electricity. School routine is difficult to keep, when some cannot enjoy a place of quiet, or computers or internet at home. Some come from single-parent families, others came here with their mothers who wanted to escape from domestic violence and keep them safe. 

In addition to being a learning hub, the school also became a haven. A warm space where the children are heard. But the school and the teachers are forced to play several roles at once – teaching children the multiplication table as well as hygiene or how to wait for their turn to speak. 

The 30 children, many of whom are students in secondary school, are at a difficult moment where they need extra support. This is where the Future Acceleration Program steps in, as a children-focused support network, throughout several years. By providing tutoring in Romanian or Mathematics, summer camps, scholarships and mentoring, the program is meant to support them along their learning path and, in a nutshell, to enhance the quality of life in the long term.

the children

I can express myself freely.R. is a 7th grade student in a school from Cluj. She was once angry for getting a 7 in the Romanian language subject and asked her teacher to check her paper again,...
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the school

Although the first year in “Nicolae Iorga” School in Cluj was rather difficult for the English teacher Claudia Bartha, she now admits she has adapted. She found it hard to understand the...
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Ciprian Tehei, Local Coordinator UiPath Foundation

As our local coordinator in Cluj, Ciprian Tehei goes to great lengths to make sure that the children attend the tutoring weekly, which, particularly during the pandemic, have been a major driver...
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