Our reaction against COVID-19

Solidarity matters 

The year 2020 was for all of us a year of adaptation, resilience and solidarity: adaptation to new methods of learning, working, interaction, the determination to move forward, to succeed in fulfilling everything you have set out to do, regardless of obstacles. However, it was also the year of solidarity and generosity of those who contributed from the outset to the support of communities during the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the UiPath community around the world reacted and got  involved in our internal campaign for the Global Emergency Fund in the context of COVID-19.  

In less than 2 weeks, a $1 million support was provided to children from our programs and their families, to hospitals and other medical institutions in Romania, as well as to the families of internal migrants from India and children enrolled in our programs in Bangalore.

With the support of our partner, Give India, we distributed over 1 million meals to vulnerable children and their families who have undergone, during lockdown, through a massive internal migration from urban areas to rural areas of India (Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai), severely affected by the pandemic. The organization has a history of 20 years, in which it has worked with all the major international foundations.

In addition to addressing a major humanitarian crisis for domestic migrants in India, the UiPath Foundation has provided more than 4000 packages of basic food for children supported in Bangalore with Dream a Dream through the Global Emergency Fund.


2,5 tons of protective equipment were donated to 55 hospitals in 24 counties in the country;

10,025 medical coveralls;

6,600 protective gowns;

50,000 pairs of protective gloves;

1,380 CUT gloves;

525 FFP2 masks;

12,150 single-use protective masks;

300 faceshields;

57 ventilators were repaired;

Children in our programs and their families (about 800 people) received continuous support, food and hygiene products  were provided to them, emergency humanitarian support in cases severely affected by COVID-19 and access to online education to children.


More than 1 million meals have been offered to families of migrant workers who have lost their jobs to the pandemic;  

4,000 ration kits were distributed to  children and young people from the educational programs supported by UiPath Foundation in Bangalore, as well as to their families.