India – Bangalore

Strategic partner: Dream a Dream

Starting 2020, together with our partner Dream a Dream we have expanded the Future Acceleration Program to India. In the After School Life Skills Program initiated by Dream a Dream, we support over 4,000 children from vulnerable families in Bangalore to have access to quality education in our partner's educational centers. While academic training is a critical need, long-term success depends on each other's social and emotional balance and ability to respond creatively to challenges. The solution proposed by Dream a Dream combines these two essential needs. Through creative arts and sport, children are helped to develop their creativity, discover their passions, get to know themselves, and develop critical thinking. They are exposed to interactions that bring them new perspectives for understanding life, involving mentors, artists and athletes in the program.

"The pandemic was initially a big shock, for which no one was prepared and led us to make an abrupt change, which generally would have lasted 5-6 years. The challenge for us was to address the basic needs of children, and so we created the COVID-19 Release program, in which we responded to all children's problems. The UiPath Foundation has also helped provide digital equipment to children in programs that have made it easier for children to access online activities and the mentoring program they offer." says Pavithra K.L., of Dream a Dream. 

"The impact is huge! Our programs have a wonderful retention, 85%, and the people who graduated from the program become role models for children of the current generation. With the help of UiPath Foundation, videos of exercises were created for the football team, for children to follow at home. Children were also given sports equipment kits, for the art group, children received a material kit called "Learning at Home Kit", and teaching activities were moved online," says Pavithra. With this kit, moving online was made easier, and those without access to technology did not fall behind.

Another component of our intervention with Dream a Dream and volunteers from UiPath India is the mentorship program, in which UiPath volunteers play a key role.  The aim of our program is to expose children to interactions and models designed to provide them with emotional support, stimulate their creativity and curiosity, and help them acquire new skills that better prepare them for the future. Thus, following thorough training sessions, 15 volunteers from UiPath India became mentors for 30 children in Dream a Dream programs. In the context of the pandemic, all interactions took place online.